Susan E. Folwell, LCSW, LICSW, BCDV -
Susan's work emphasizes the uniqueness of the individual client. Because her clients present a variety of needs and concerns, Susan works with them collaboratively to customize her therapeutic approach.
Meditation and guided visualization may be utilized in addition to psychotherapy for stress relief, healing, clarification, work with post trauma, and increased insight.
Susan focuses on trauma issues and power balances
(empowerment, disempowerment, and mutual empowerment), anxiety, core beliefs, strengths and and helping clients
regain a strong sense of themselves as
capable, valuable, and worthwhile unique individuals. 
Susan's work also helps clients learn healthy ways of relating to others and the importance of knowing how to get needs met
in an appropriate, healthy manner.
What are the benefits of psychotherapy? 
Why do clients seek Susan's services?
The following quote says it best: 
"If I want to live my ability to be fully present and compassionate, my ability to be with it all - the joy and the sorrow - I must find the ways, the people, the places, the practices that support me in being all I truly am. 
I must cultivate ways of being that let me feel the warmth of encouragement against my heart when it is weary.
I must be fiercely and compassionately honest with myself about those choices and actions that are inconsistent with my deepest desire and soul's desires.
I must find the song lines that run through my life, the melodies that remind me of what I really am and call me gently back to acting on this knowing." 
(author unknown)
How do we do the work of being
"fully present and compassionate,"
being "fiercely and compassionately honest",
finding the "song lines and melodies" and
answering the gentle call "back to our knowing"?
Those questions are at the heart of Susan's clinical practice, and lay the groundwork for the transformative process that her clients experience in their work together. 
"Do the thing you think you cannot do."  (Eleanor Roosevelt)

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